This is the second largest island of the Dodecanese and it is located between Sitia and Rhodes. The landscape varies: It is mountainous, especially in the northern part, where the steep ravines, caves and streams form a wild and beautiful scenery, and more flat and fertile in the southern part. On the shores of the island you will find beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and sheltered bays, protected from the waves of the "restless" Karpathian Sea.

The ferry moors at Pigadia, the island's capital, a modern city with a developed tourist infrastructure. Pigadia, Amoopi and Arkassa are the tourist resorts of the island. They are close to beautiful sandy beaches and they offer several entertainment options. However, if you want to experience the traditional aspect of Karpathos, you should visit the mountainous hinterland of the island. Here you will find mountainous and hilly villages characterized by local architecture and friendly, hospitable people.

One of the most famous villages is Olympos, 45km. from the town of Karpathos. Many visitors have said that Olympos looks like a living cultural museum. The inhabitants wear their local traditional costumes daily, speak their ancestral dialect and create elaborate weavings and woodcarvings. Olympos is undoubtedly a unique village, which maintains and develops the rich folk culture of the island.

Karpathos is a destination worth exploring as it has a lot to offer: seductive beaches and authentic culture, moments of tranquility and relaxation and great memories. If you are lucky you will find yourself in a feast of a traditional wedding, where you can taste local delicacies, listen to traditional music and dance along with the locals.

How to get there:

By boat:

  • Karpathos can be reached by ferry from Piraeus, after a long journey of nearly 20 hours.

By airplane:

  • The island is connected by air to Athens Airport, El. Venizelos, the flight lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. The frequency of the flights varies according to the season.
  • The island is also connected to the airports of Rhodes, Kassos and Sitia as well as other European countries.