Our tavern OTHEITIKO, located in the mountain village of Othos,
has its own cooking, taste and above all hospitality.
The ingredients we use are fresh most of our own, cooked with genuine
carpathian olive oil, tastes more of our food.

We are famous for the authentic handcrafted macaroni
and from what the reviews say are the best on the island.
The goat's stew stands out for its wonderful flavor,
the BOILED GREENS with the way it is baked is delicious.
Stuffed zucchiniflowers and stuffed vine leaves are made with taste
and materials of first sorting.

Also our fresh karpathian cheese as well as buns that
are baked in a carpathian wood oven are served in our tavern
as well as many other things that are on our list.

Visit our village and our tavern and you will find the family atmosphere,
hospitality and pleasure to serve you accompanied by karpathian baklava,
sweet otheitiko wine or raki.

Every Day: 14:00-23:00